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BSR Builders is constantly working towards creating novel benchmarks of architectural excellence in the contemporary global environment.

BSR builders develops and provides homes that cater to families and individuals from all walks of life.


Our completed projects all reflect the high standards that our company is known for, and have successfully provided homes to Chennai’s population.



M/s.BSR Builders Engineers & Contractors and M/s.BSR Developers Pvt. Ltd. — A name that spells Quality Construction, Completion on Schedule and Competitive prices. With a Professional approach to the smallest of details, BSR flats ensure a comfortable living The proof lies in completed projects in Chennai and in Bangalore totaling more than 14,00,000 sq.ft of constructed area. Not just figures to show for, happy clients from all walks of life that vouch for BSR. The brain behind BSR and its driving force is Mr.B.Raghavendra Reddy, being a richly experienced Civil Engineer in the construction Industry, it was only a natural and small step for him contracts to promotionMore...

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